Isocell Airstop Bubi Primer


 Bubi LF Bonding Primer

Bubi LF Bonding Primer is a quality, solvent-free primer for preparation of the substrate to optimize the adhesive properties of acrylate, butyl and bitumen-rubber adhesive tapes. It can be used on all absorbent, mineral substrates, e.g. concrete, cement plaster, cellular concrete, brickwork and sand-lime bricks that are finished flush. Application is also possible on polystyrene panels. Bubi LF Bonding Primer is self-adhesive and resistant against humidity and warm temperatures.Bubi Bonding Primer

  • A stronger primer coat
  • Self-adhesive working temperature from -10°C air and surface)
  • Formulated specifically for the bonding of adhesive tapes
  • Forms an adhesive film

 1 Litre /1kg
 5 Litre /5k
 Coverage: Approx.
 1.0 l/100m (applied approx.3cm)