Isocell Airstop Flex Fee Adhesive Tape


Adhesive Tape for Window and Corner Details

60 mm x 25 m • Airstop Flex Fee Adhesive Tape with its split back liner, offers the ability to seal corner and window details with ease. Installation is quick and consistent. The fleece-like fabric allows the product to be painted or plastered over, therefore ensuring seamless integration of the airtight layers. Its high grade adhesive layer enables compliance to the higher standards of RAL and ÖNORM B5320 around window details. This adhesive tape can be applied to unprimed surfaces that are dust free and dry, such as clean block work, sand and cement render and form work. For dusty or porous surfaces, please reference our preparation guidelines.

  • Extremely high bond strength on all types of window frames & a wide variety of surfaces: plaster, OSB, wood, & vapour barriers
  • Corner junctions & overlaps
  • Tear-resistant adhesive tape
  • For adhesion to masonry, use Bubi LF Bonding Primer if necessary
  • Split Liner 20/40
  • Can be plastered over & painted

Download (PDF, 394KB)