Isocell Airstop ‘Sprint’ Adhesive Sealing Compound


Self-Adhesive Sealing Compound

Airstop Sealant ‘Sprint’ is an self-adhesive sealing compound for a permanently elastic airtight seal at gaps, joints of building components and butt-joint overlaps in dry lining (with the exception of a swimming pool environment). Used for installation of windows and doors in accordance with the higher Austrian standard of ÖNORM B 5320 and/or DIN 4108-7.

  • High initial adhesive properties of freshly attached foils
  • Adhesion to a broad spectrum (wood, stone, concrete, plaster, various metals)
  • Resistance to freezing to -30°C & workable from -5°C
  • No priming required
  • Separated joints can be re-joined due to the self-adhesive properties
  • No clamping batten needed for installation
  • No dripping

Download (PDF, 661KB)