Isocell Airstop Ultra Adhesive Tape


 Airstop Ultra Adhesive Tape

A slightly expandable adhesive tape with adhesive generously applied. It is suitable for a variety of bonding applications and can also be used on problematic substrates such as PP foils outdoors.

  • White or Black Tape
  • Adhesion of vapour retarders & barriers
  • Joins of OSB & DWD panels, indoors & outdoors
  • Joints & connections with wood, masonry and metal
  • For adhesion to masonry use Bubi LF Bonding Primer if necessary
  • Bonding to PP foils
  • High proportion of adhesive
  • Slightly expandable adhesive tape (necessary when there is movement in the construction component)
  • Adapts to the texture of the surface, i.e. better adhesion on surface that are not smooth

Roll length: 40m

Carton contents:

12 rolls (50mm)

10 rolls (60mm)

10 rolls (70mm)