Promotional Merchandise

Interested in stocking Isocell products?

Here you will find a selection of instore promotional merchandise to help you
promote and increase sales of Isocell products.

Here at Isocell, we realise that shelf-space is at a premium and as a small retailer,
you may not be able to stock a full range of products due to limited space.

Isocell can give you the tools to let your customers access the full range of
products without the necessity of stocking large amounts of products instore.
With 48 hr delivery guaranteed, you can offer your customers full access to the full
range of products available on our website. We can ship direct to you or your
customer on site.

Isocell DL Flyer

Isocell DL Flyer

Our DL Flyer containing basic information on our core product range.
This flyer can be branded with your logo and contact details.

Isocell Pop Up Stand

Isocell Pop Up Stand

A high quality pop up stand guaranteed to draw your customers attention.

Isocell Shelf Talker

Isocell Shelf-talker

Our Shelf-talker provides instant information on our product specs,
ensuring the customer is fully educated on the benefits of using
Isocell’s products, leading to increased sales.


Isocell Shelf Wobbler

Isocell Shelf-wobbler

Draw your customers to Isocell products on shelf with this simple and effective
instore marketing tool.